Chronicle of events in the NAC


  • The National air company «Uzbekistan Airways» was established under the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov.
  • Active development of international routes was begun: flights to London, Karachi, Delhi, Kuala-Lumpur, Tel-Aviv, Beijing were opened.



  • The «Air Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan» was put into force.
  • Airbus A-310 landed in the airport «Tashkent» for the first time.
  • Flight to Frankfurt-am-Main and Bangkok were opened.



  • Active implementation of aircraft of western manufacturing was begun.
  • Next aircraft A-310 was purchased.
  • Flights to Athens, Manchester, Seoul were opened.



  • Transcontinental flight «Tashkent – New-York» was opened.
  • The National air company begun to perform flights to Bahrain.



  • The first aircraft Boeing-767 landed in airport of Uzbekistan’s capital.
  • The new Traffic Control Center was put into operation.
  • Reconstruction of airport «Samarkand” was begun.



  • Air company was awarded by the prestigious diploma of the International Flight Safety Foundation «For outstanding services in the field of flight safety provision».
  • Two aircraft Boeing-767 were added to the air company’s fleet.
  • Agreement on granting a credit for reconstruction of three airports «Bukhara», «Samarkand» and «Urgench» was signed between the Governments of Uzbekistan and Japan.



  • Flights to Paris and Dhaka were opened.
  • The Center on maintenance of western manufacturing aircraft was opened.
  • The aircraft IL-114 performed the demonstration flight.
  • Hall for arriving passengers servicing with capacity of 600 passengers per hour was put into operation after reconstruction in airport «Tashkent».



  • Two aircraft Boeing-757-200 were obtained.
  • Flight to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) was opened.



  • New flights to Roma, Birmingham, Amritsar were opened.
  • Air company obtained Honorary Diploma of International Flight Safety Foundation for flight safety.
  • Large investment project on replacement of ground equipment in airport «Tashkent» was fulfilled.



  • The new international flight to Japan – Tashkent–Osaka was opened.



  • The Tashkent aviation repair enterprise was reorganized to the Aviation Enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics»
  • The flight Tashkent – Tokyo (via Osaka) was opened.



  • Air company obtained new passenger aircraft Boeing-767-300ER.
  • The international flight Tashkent – Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City was opened.
  • Airports «Tashkent» and «Samarkand» were recognized as «The best airport of year 2003 on 26th international Moscow conference.
  • Exploitation of aircraft IL-114-100 was begun.



  • One more aircraft Boeing-767-300ER and three aircraft Boeing-757-200 were obtained.
  • Flights to Riga, Shanghai and Astana were opened.



  • Air company was awarded by the Honorary Diploma of the of the President of the World Flight Safety Foundation «For achievements in the field of flight safety» and Commemorative Sign of the Boeing Company «For high performance of safety and reliability of flights, achieved during 10 years of exploitation of Boeing aircraft».
  • Additional flights to Moscow were opened.



  • The flight Tashkent – Urumchi – Tashkent was opened.
  • Flights to Pakistan were recommenced. Air company began to perform flights to Lahore.



  • Contracts with aviation-space corporation «Boeing» for delivery of two aircraft Boeing-787 «Dreamliner» as well as with consortium «Airbus» for delivery of six aircraft A-320-200 were signed
  • New routes: Tashkent – Milan - Tashkent, Tashkent – Cairo – Athens –Tashkent, Tashkent – Sochi – Tashkent, as well as representative offices of the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» in these cities were opened.
  • Flights on route Navoi – Moscow – Navoi was started to perform.



  • For the first time air company achieved result on 2 millions passengers transported per year.
  • The new service – electronic ticket – was implemented.
  • NAC had become the member of IATA Clearing House.
  • Creation of the Intermodal Logistic Center on the base of airport «Navoi» was begun together with air company «Korean Air». Korean air company began to perform freight flights via «Navoi» air gate.
  • Agreements with the «Boeing Company» and «Airbus» on delivery of eight new aircraft, including four Boeing-767 and four A-302, were signed.
  • Fleet of the National air company was replenished by two additional aircraft IL-114-100.
  • Scheduled passenger flights to Geneva via Milan were begun.



  • The National air company «Uzbekistan Airways» had successfully passed the IOSA audit and was included to the official register of IOSA Operators, received corresponding Certificate.
  • Two modified aircraft IL-114-100 were obtained.
  • Regular exploitation of two freight aircraft А300-600, performing flights from Navoi to Bangkok, Delhi, Mumbai was begun.


  • New routes Tashkent – Madrid and Tashkent – Kaliningrad appeared on the route map of the National air company of Uzbekistan.
  • Regular exploitation of middle-haul aircraft А-320.
  • Cargo terminal was opened in airport «Navoi».
  • Air company had transported 2 million 160 thousand passengers.
  • Aircraft Yak-40 and Tu-154 were removed of service.


  • Fleet of air company was replenished by ten aircraft of «Airbus» family – А-320.
  • New system in the field of air traffic control – RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) was put into service.
  • New terminal in the international airport «Bukhara» was opened.
  • New terminal for domestic flights was put into operation in the international airport «Tashkent».


  • New passenger terminal was put into exploitation in the international airport «Navoi».
  • New hall for arriving passengers was opened in the international airport «Urgench».
  • New procedural simulators «Boeing-757/767», «А320», as well as unique «Full-flight» simulator for aircraft IL-114-100 were mounted in Simulators Complex of Training Center of the NAC.
  • Two new aircraft Boeing-767 were obtained.
  • NAC became the laureate of award of Non-commercial Partnership «Flight safety» and holder of diploma of International Flight Safety Foundation for achievements in the field of flight safety provision.
  • Aircraft An-24 were removed of service.
  • During demonstration tour the Boeing-787-8 «Dreamliner» landed in the capital airport, once more emphasized air company’s aspiration for improvement and new horizons.


  • Fleet of the NAC was replenished by two new aircraft Boeing-767, thus the program on obtaining four new aircraft of this type was completed.
  • New block for departing passengers was put into service in the international airport «Tashkent».
  • New route Tashkent – Volgograd was opened.
  • All republican airports had received status «International».
  • NAC was honoured with title «The most punctual air company» in prestigious contest of airport «Domodedovo», showing flight regularity on level 95 per cent.
  • Air company was entered to the rating of the most successful world air companies on service quality under results of audit of rating agency «SkyTrax».
  • NAC had commemorated 20 years of fruitful co-operation with one of the world leader in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair «Lufthansa Technik AG».
  • Aircraft A-310 and RJ-85 were removed of service.
  • Exploitation of cargo aircraft IL-76 was stopped.


  • NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» joined the IATA.
  • New terminals for arriving and departing passengers were put into service in international airport «Urgench».
  • Reconstruction of air terminal was finished in airport «Fergana».
  • Three airport of Uzbekistan - «Bukhara», «Samarkand» and «Urgench» once again became winners in various nominations of prestigious contest «The best airport of the year among CIS countries» of Association «Civil Aviation Airport» according to results of year 2013.
  • New routes to Singapore and Khabarovsk were opened.
  • Fleet was replenished by two freight aircraft Boeing-767-300BCF, converted from passenger ones.
  • The first cargo flight from Urumchi to Tashkent was performed on NAC’s cargo aircraft Boeing-767-300BCF.
  • New system in the field of air traffic control – QNH was put into service, allowing to make flights safer and to increase number of users of Uzbekistan’s air space.


  • Freight aircraft Airbus A300-600 were removed of service.
  • Regular operation of cargo aircraft Boeing-767-300 BCF was begun.
  • New runway was put into exploitation in airport «Namangan» after entire reconstruction. It allows landing aircraft of all types without restrictions.
  • New schedule flight on route Tashkent – Minsk – Tashkent was opened.
  • Three airport of Uzbekistan - «Bukhara», «Samarkand» and «Urgench» once again became winners in various nominations of prestigious contest «The best airport of the year among CIS countries» of Association «Civil Aviation Airport» according to results of year 2014.
  • VIP Hall was reconstructed in international airport «Tashkent».
  • New simulator – «Full-flight»-simulator for aircraft А-320 was mounted in Simulators Complex of Training Center of the NAC.
  • Specialists of the NAC were honoured with high state awards.
  • Charter flight program to Alaska was performed for the first time on route Tashkent – Osaka – Tokyo – Nagoya - Fairbanks.


· New service «On-line booking and ticket sale» was started for domestic and international routes.

· NAC and KOICA held a kick-off meeting on the project of construction of a new passenger terminal "Tashkent-4".

· New Center on repair of composite components of aircraft was opened on aviation enterprise «Uzbekistan Airways Technics».

· New Business Lounge «Uzbekistan airways» with higher comfort level was put into service in international airport «Tashkent» for departing passengers servicing.

· New routes to Kaliningrad and Voronezh were opened.

· A feasibility study for the construction of a new passenger terminal "Tashkent-4", which will become the most modern in Central Asia, has been completed.

· New aircraft Boeing-787-8 Dreamliner had replenished the fleet of the air company and was put into exploitation.

· During the visit of the President of Boeing Corporation R. Conner, an agreement was reached to purchase three more new aircraft.

· The airline's fleet had replenished by a second “dream liner”.



· On January 28, 2017 the NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» had celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishing.

· The National air company «Uzbekistan Airways» was awarded with Honorary Diploma of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev, for a worthy contribution to improving the country's economic potential, achievements in modernizing the industry, introducing advanced technologies, gaining international recognition and a worthy place in the world in matters of flight safety and quality service in air transport.

· Contracts for purchasing 4 additional aircraft Boeing-787-8 Dreamliner and two Airbus A320 Neo were signed.

· The Full-flight simulator for aircraft Boeing 767 was mounted in Training Center of the NAC.

· Company for special aviation services (AC «SAS») had celebrated the 20th anniversary of establishing.

· NAC carried out the first flight on transportation of tourists from Japanese cities to Samarkand.

· New route to the capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe city was opened.

· NAC «Uzbekistan Airways» was awarded with Honorary Diploma of the International organization «AmeriCares» for gratuitous assistance in the realization of humanitarian cargo.

· NAC was recognized as the most punctual air company among air carriers performing flights to Mineralnye Vody international airport

· The crew of the flight attendants of NAC became a winner of the prestigious professional contest "Sky Service -2017".

· International airport "Tashkent" has been named after the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

· International airports "Bukhara", "Urgench" and "Samarkand" once again became winners in prestigious contest "The best airport of the year among CIS countries" of Association “ Civil Aviation Airport” on the results of work for 2016. “Bukhara” airport became the winner in the nomination "For the Great Contribution to the Development of the Airport", “Samarkand” airport - the laureate in the nomination "For Active Activity", "Urgench" is recognized as a "Dynamically Developing Airport".

· The Boeing Company has awarded the NAC for successful and safe exploitation of aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

· NAC carried out the first direct flight on the route “Tashkent – New-York – Tashkent” on aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

· Flights on the route Samarkand-Istanbul-Samarkand were opened.

· NAC was awarded with the "KLIA Awards 2016" Prize of Malaysia Airport Administration "Malaisia ​​Airoports Holding Berhad" in the nomination "The best foreign airline of the year of Central Asia in passenger transportation".

· The National air company was awarded with Honorary Certificate of the Aircraft Holding "Basel Aero" for its contribution to the development of passenger services at the “Krasnodar” International Airport.



· A double ("green" and "red") corridors system began to operate at the customs border checkpoints of the country airports, which made it possible to simplify customs formalities and improve the logistics of passenger traffic.

· The airport of Tashkent was recognized as the best especially important facility for observing security measures and requirements by the Republican interdepartmental commission for monitoring the organization of ensuring security of particularly important facilities in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

· Uzbekistan Airways starts to implement the Seat selection interactive service on international flights of the NAC.

· The national air company "Uzbekistan Airways" has joined the Association of Independent Tour Operators of the United Kingdom (AITO).

· "Uzbekistan Airways" stopped commercial exploitation of IL-114-100 aircraft.

· The fleet of “Uzbekistan Airways” was replenished with the third Boeing 787-8 “Dreamliner” aircraft.

· At the III International Forum "Sky Service", held with the purpose of developing services and services on board of civil aircraft, which was attended by representatives of 40 airlines of the world, a team of flight attendants of Uzbekistan Airways became the owner of the Cup of the prestigious professional competition "Team of the Year", Rano Bababekova was recognized as the "Best flight attendant of the year".

· A new terminal for incoming passengers of international airlines put into exploitation at the "Tashkent" international airport named after Islam Karimov.

· A new passenger terminal has been put into operation at the international airport "Nukus".

· "Uzbekistan Airways" was recognized as the most punctual air carrier by the international airport "Domodedovo" for the results of June 2018.

· The national airline "Uzbekistan Airways" was awarded the Eurasian premium in the field of aviation marketing "MARKETING AWARDS 2018" at the NETWORK 2018 forum in Kazan.

· The NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” is recognized as the most punctual airline in the category of "CIS and Far Abroad Airlines" for carrying out regular passenger transportation to/from the international airport "Kazan" for the "Summer 2017" and "Winter 2017/2018" periods.

· The unique training simulator V9000 Commander produced by Flame-Aviation was put into operation at the Training Complex of the Training Center of the NAC Uzbekistan Airways.

· Uzbekistan Airways began operate the direct flights to Phuket Island (Thailand) during the winter navigation period.

· At the “Navoi” international airport was put into operation an international postal exchange place (IPEP) located on the territory of the Navoi cargo terminal.

· New route to Vladivostok was opened.

· New flight on the route Tashkent-Jeddah-Tashkent was opened.

· Uzbekistan Airways transfers all its flights from Uzbekistan to Moscow and back, from Domodedovo Airport to Vnukovo Airport.

· New flight on the route Tashkent-Mumbai- Tashkent was opened.

· Uzbekistan Airways transported three millionth passenger.



· NAK-NBU new co-branded banking card was issued which will allow to fly free on Uzbekistan Airways flights.

· Uzbekistan Airways has topped the rating of the most punctual airlines flying to/from The Yekaterinburg’s Koltsovo International Airport in 2018 in the group of international air carriers operating their flights to and from Yekaterinburg.

· Northern Capital Gateway, the operator of Pulkovo Airport, announces the best airlines of 2018. Uzbekistan Airways is recognized as the most dynamically developing airline of the CIS.

· OTM MUMBAI 2019 - Uzbekistan Airways was awarded in the nomination “The airline developing a new direction”.

· The Yemelyanovo Airport LLC, Russia, awarded Uzbekistan Airways with the Certificate of Honour for the air carrier’s contribution to develop international passenger transportation of the airport in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk in 2018.

· The fleet of the NAC was replenished with the first newest aircraft equipped with communication systems and wifi and began its exploitation.

· A new service "Internet on board" was introduced.

· New passenger terminal of “Termez” International Airport was put into operation.

· Uzbekistan Airways received the second Airbus A320neo aircraft.

· Uzbekistan Airways received the fourth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

· The flight attendants team of the National Airline of Uzbekistan took the first place and won the nomination “Trade as an art of service” at the IV International Forum SKY SERVICE 2019.

· Uzbekistan Airways operates its first Tashkent – Jakarta flight.

· Uzbekistan Airways is the winner of the Vnukovo airport award. The national airline of Uzbekistan won the nomination "The most dynamically developing foreign air carrier".

· Once again, Bukhara International Airport was recognized as the best airport among the CIS countries in 2018 in the competition of the International Civil Aviation Association "Airport".

· The fleet of Uzbekistan Airways replenished with the fifth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

· Uzbekistan Airways begun to perform regular flights to Tbilisi.

Realization of these and other projects by the air company will put the civil aviation of Uzbekistan into new level, insuring its status and public image in the international scene. And safety, stability and comfort are always the most priority areas in the air company’s activity!


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