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09 Nov 2018

Payment for Uzbekistan Airways' air tickets by MasterCard

The existing methods of paying online for the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the airline's website were supplemented by the option to pay through the MasterCard payment system. Previously, this feature was only available through the UzCard and VISA payment systems. You can purchase the tickets of Uzbekistan Airways via the site In addition, there is an option to pre-select and book the seats in the aircraft cabins of the airline online, which is available on both paid and free basis.  

09 Nov 2019

Press tour of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Airways carries out targeted measures to promote tourism in Uzbekistan. One of the directions in this area is the organization of various info-tours by Uzbekistan Airways for representatives of foreign travel agencies, companies, tour operators and mass media. Upcoming we have an info tour which will take place from 9-15 November 2019 for  leading United Kingdom travel journalists. Sophie Ibbotson, head of Sophie Ibbotson & the UK Travel Journalists, had visited Uzbekistan in October-November 2018 with a number of travel journalists.  This time, another group from the United Kingdom has arrived to visit our country. Guests from the UK will not only be able to see the sights of the capital, but also  visit the historic sites of Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, Gijduvan and Samarkand, enjoy the unique beauty and grandeur of ancient architectural monuments, and enjoy national cuisine and learn about our traditions and values. The press tour, organized by Uzbekistan Airways will undoubtedly promote the further promotion of Uzbekistan's tourism destinations in the UK and increase the flow of tourists to Uzbekistan. For information, Uzbekistan Airways operates regular flights to London twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays.
05 Nov 2019

Tourism potential of Uzbekistan is represented in the south of Russia

The presentation "Travel to Uzbekistan", organized with the support of the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Rostov-on-Don and the Representative Office of Uzbekistan Airways, was held in Krasnodar. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism of Krasnodar Region Ekaterina Fidyaeva, more than thirty tour operators and tourist companies of Krasnodar Region. Colorful presentation with demonstration of videos allowed the participants of the event to get acquainted with the rich tourist potential of our country, get information about tourist routes and direct flights of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan, connecting our country with the handed over region of Russia. During the event, the Uzbekistan Airways representative office in Krasnodar raffled off two free tickets on the Krasnodar-Tashkent- Krasnodar route among the participants. They were awarded to representatives of the local tourist companies “Natalie-Tour” and “Rosa Vetrov”. The guests were also offered a concert program with songs and dances performed by the folklore and dance group "Navbahor". The event ended with a tasting of national dishes and palov prepared by Uzbek chefs.
05 Nov 2019

“Uzbekistan airways” takes part in the London International Travel Trade Fair

"Uzbekistan Airways” once again presents its aviation capabilities at the Uzbekistan National Stand at the World Travel Market (WTM London 2019), an international tourism exhibition held from 4 to 6 November in the capital of Great Britain. The 40th anniversary exhibition promises to be the most successful event uniting a huge number of professionals and creative ideas! More than 50,000 tourism professionals, 9,000 buyers, 5,000 exhibitors and 3,000 media representatives from over 180 countries are invited to join the event. During the three-day exhibition "Uzbekistan Airways" will present its services in the field of passenger air transportation, as well as full service in this area in order to attract tourists from the United Kingdom to Uzbekistan, as well as to promote the tourism potential of our country in this region. Along with the national air carrier, five Uzbek travel companies and representatives of the Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel will present their services and tourism potential of our republic at a single stand of "Uzbekistan". This tourist platform will undoubtedly become a good platform for establishing bilateral cooperation in tourism between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways operates regular passenger flights to London twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
30 Oct 2019

Next presentation for representatives of the tourism business

The Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Saint-Petersburg hosted a regular presentation of the tourist potential of our country and Uzbekistan Airways' services for representatives of the tourist business of Saint-Petersburg and the North-Western Federal District. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in Tourism of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Natalia Ivanova took part in the event. The presentation allowed to acquaint the audience with the rich historical heritage of Uzbekistan, attractive tourist routes, peculiarities of national customs and traditions, as well as to announce the opening of a new one, created in accordance with all international standards of ski resort "Amirsoy". During the meeting, it was noted that close cooperation between Uzbekistan Airways and the Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in St. Petersburg with the participation of AeroTour, the general agent of the airline, has yielded positive results. Effective promotion of national tourism potential in foreign markets is impossible without the participation of Uzbekistan Airways, which is actively working on the implementation of projects aimed at promoting the Uzbek tourism destination abroad and attracting a large number of foreign tourists to our country.
25 Oct 2019

Uzbekistan Airways participates in international tourism exhibition in Japan

The national air carrier of Uzbekistan presents its services at the international tourism exhibition JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2019, which runs from October 24 to 27 in Osaka, the third largest city in Japan. This is the world's largest promotional field, being one of the largest and most significant events in the world in the field of travel and tourism.  It demonstrates all the modern areas of the tourism industry - business, exotic, ecology, cruises, hotel, restaurant service and much more. This year, along with Uzbekistan Airways airlines, 1,440 companies from 136 countries and regions of the world will exhibit their services.  For travel enthusiasts, information is offered on the rich tourism potential of our country, tourist routes, the national air carrier, which offers regular flights from Japan to Uzbekistan and an extensive transit transportation network. Representatives of the tourism sector of Japan note the high level of development of the tourism sector in Uzbekistan, including the aviation sector, and visitors and guests of the exhibition call it one of those countries that must be visited at least once in a lifetime, especially if there is direct air flight operated on  modern airliners "Uzbekistan Airways" Boeing 767, and with summer navigation in 2020 - on a comfortable Boeing-787 Dreamliner.
23 Oct 2019

Civil Aviation of Uzbekistan: safety is a priority

It is generally known, flight safety has always been the main and unconditional priority for the national air carrier of Uzbekistan. The main experts influencing this most important indicator of the aviation business are not only pilots, but also air traffic controllers. Maintaining the necessary level of their interaction, mutual understanding and qualifications is a prerequisite for maintaining and achieving a high level of flight safety, reducing the impact on aviation of difficult weather conditions and other external factors. For this purpose, on October 25, 2019, the 1st Flight Dispatch Conference with the participation of specialists from the flight and dispatch services of Uzbekistan will be held at the Aviation Training Center LLC, Uzbekistan Airways. The conference, organized for the first time after the separation and transformation of Uzbekistan Airways JSC and Uzbek Air Navigation Center into a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, which is the national provider of air navigation services throughout Uzbekistan, will be attended by the most competent and respected aviation experts. During the event, issues of close interaction between flight and dispatch services will be discussed, familiarization with the most modern norms and standards, innovations in radio communication and navigation equipment, flight procedures and air traffic services will be introduced. In the future, such conferences are planned to be held on an annual basis with invitation of reputable aviators from around the world to participate in it. The creation of a new, modern simulator for air traffic controllers on the basis of the Airline’s Training Center is another proof of maintaining the level and quality of interaction between the main air carrier of our country and the Uzbek Air Navigation Center. This highly intelligent and innovative complex will simulate a control tower at the airport. Employees of the Uzbek Air Navigation Center from all regions of Uzbekistan will undergo training and feel in a real air traffic situation by simulating a circular view using high-resolution video panels. The launch of the simulator in operation is scheduled before the end of 2019.
26 Oct 2019

Changes were made to the registration and boarding times for aircraft at the airport of Urumqi

Dear passengers! Uzbekistan Airways informs you that from November 1, 2019, the registration of passengers for flights at the Urumqi airport ends 50 minutes before the flight departure time, and boarding of the passengers on the aircraft - 20 minutes before the flight departure time.  Recall, “Uzbekistan Airways” operates regular passenger flights to Urumqi twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
17 Oct 2019

Information message!

Aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways flying HY-633 from Tashkent to St. Petersburg was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport of Kazan due to the deteriorating health of one of the passengers. The plane has now flown to the destination airport. Arrival in St. Petersburg is expected at 13:40 local time.
15 Oct 2019

A new charter flight is being launched

Tashkent - Istanbul (Sabihi Gokcen International Airport) - Tashkent Aircraft: A320neo, B757, B767 Flight number: HY 3529/3530 Every Wednesday from 30 October 2019 Departure time from Tashkent: 09.00. Departure time from Istanbul: 14.00 Luggage: 35 kg from Istanbul to Tashkent. One way ticket price: from $260 Opportunity to buy additional luggage at low prices On cooperation between agents and ticket sales: 7120177777 (multichannel) and at
15 Oct 2019

Civil aviation pilots started to be trained in Uzbekistan

The first group of young people is studying the profession of civil aviation pilot at the Aviation Training Center of Uzbekistan Airways. It is well known that throughout its history, the national air carrier of Uzbekistan has carried out initial training of pilots in foreign flight schools. However, by 2016, the specialists of the Airline's Training Center, with the support of the flight inspectorate staff of the State Aviation Supervision Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, taking into account the international and own experience of training, were able to develop a unique concept for the initial training of pilots on their base, without the involvement of foreign educational institutions and specialists. In 2017, the new concept was comprehensively studied by a joint working group of ministries and agencies on behalf of the head of our state, which helped the aviators to prepare a relevant government decree and ensure the beginning of its implementation. The competitive selection of candidates for pilot training was held in parallel with the process of reorganization of Uzbekistan Airways into a modern air transport company in the form of Uzbekistan Airways Joint Stock Company and transformation of the State Unitary Enterprise "O‘quv Mashq Markazi" (Training Center of NAC) into a limited liability company "Aviation Training Center". Out of almost 200 candidates who are graduates of higher educational institutions of technical profile, only 5 candidates were able to prove their compliance with high requirements on physical and mental health, knowledge of foreign languages and exact sciences. This is less than the airline's current demand for pilots, so starting from the end of this year, the competitive selection process will continue and be conducted on a permanent basis. In order to meet the growing needs, the Training and Education Centre plans to train at least 25-30 civil pilots per year. Currently, the first group of participants of the initial training courses for pilots is actively and successfully mastering aviation disciplines in 3 main areas: aviation law, aeronautics theory, design of the aircraft, its systems and engines. Upon completion of the theoretical module, next summer they will start training and flight modules, where modern virtual and full-featured simulators will be used, as well as the most modern ultra-light training aircraft, which in the aviation world are called "flying desks". By the end of 2021, the first pilots of civil aviation to have undergone training in Uzbekistan, on the basis of the Training Center of the domestic airline, will become members of the flight staff of Uzbekistan Airways.


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