Civil aviation pilots started to be trained in Uzbekistan

15 Oct 2019

The first group of young people is studying the profession of civil aviation pilot at the Aviation Training Center of Uzbekistan Airways.

It is well known that throughout its history, the national air carrier of Uzbekistan has carried out initial training of pilots in foreign flight schools. However, by 2016, the specialists of the Airline's Training Center, with the support of the flight inspectorate staff of the State Aviation Supervision Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, taking into account the international and own experience of training, were able to develop a unique concept for the initial training of pilots on their base, without the involvement of foreign educational institutions and specialists.

In 2017, the new concept was comprehensively studied by a joint working group of ministries and agencies on behalf of the head of our state, which helped the aviators to prepare a relevant government decree and ensure the beginning of its implementation.

The competitive selection of candidates for pilot training was held in parallel with the process of reorganization of Uzbekistan Airways into a modern air transport company in the form of Uzbekistan Airways Joint Stock Company and transformation of the State Unitary Enterprise "O‘quv Mashq Markazi" (Training Center of NAC) into a limited liability company "Aviation Training Center". Out of almost 200 candidates who are graduates of higher educational institutions of technical profile, only 5 candidates were able to prove their compliance with high requirements on physical and mental health, knowledge of foreign languages and exact sciences. This is less than the airline's current demand for pilots, so starting from the end of this year, the competitive selection process will continue and be conducted on a permanent basis. In order to meet the growing needs, the Training and Education Centre plans to train at least 25-30 civil pilots per year.

Currently, the first group of participants of the initial training courses for pilots is actively and successfully mastering aviation disciplines in 3 main areas: aviation law, aeronautics theory, design of the aircraft, its systems and engines.

Upon completion of the theoretical module, next summer they will start training and flight modules, where modern virtual and full-featured simulators will be used, as well as the most modern ultra-light training aircraft, which in the aviation world are called "flying desks".

By the end of 2021, the first pilots of civil aviation to have undergone training in Uzbekistan, on the basis of the Training Center of the domestic airline, will become members of the flight staff of Uzbekistan Airways.

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