Civil Aviation of Uzbekistan: safety is a priority

23 Oct 2019

It is generally known, flight safety has always been the main and unconditional priority for the national air carrier of Uzbekistan.

The main experts influencing this most important indicator of the aviation business are not only pilots, but also air traffic controllers. Maintaining the necessary level of their interaction, mutual understanding and qualifications is a prerequisite for maintaining and achieving a high level of flight safety, reducing the impact on aviation of difficult weather conditions and other external factors.

For this purpose, on October 25, 2019, the 1st Flight Dispatch Conference with the participation of specialists from the flight and dispatch services of Uzbekistan will be held at the Aviation Training Center LLC, Uzbekistan Airways. The conference, organized for the first time after the separation and transformation of Uzbekistan Airways JSC and Uzbek Air Navigation Center into a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, which is the national provider of air navigation services throughout Uzbekistan, will be attended by the most competent and respected aviation experts.

During the event, issues of close interaction between flight and dispatch services will be discussed, familiarization with the most modern norms and standards, innovations in radio communication and navigation equipment, flight procedures and air traffic services will be introduced. In the future, such conferences are planned to be held on an annual basis with invitation of reputable aviators from around the world to participate in it.

The creation of a new, modern simulator for air traffic controllers on the basis of the Airline’s Training Center is another proof of maintaining the level and quality of interaction between the main air carrier of our country and the Uzbek Air Navigation Center. This highly intelligent and innovative complex will simulate a control tower at the airport. Employees of the Uzbek Air Navigation Center from all regions of Uzbekistan will undergo training and feel in a real air traffic situation by simulating a circular view using high-resolution video panels. The launch of the simulator in operation is scheduled before the end of 2019.

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