Flight delay

09 Dec 2019

Important information for passengers and greeters! As we reported earlier, due to heavy fog, two airports were closed for receiving aircraft and several flights of Uzbekistan Airways were delayed.

We add that:

Departure of flight HY-619, following the Namangan-Moscow route, was postponed from 19:15 December 08 to 12:00 December 9;

Departure of flight HY-606 (Moscow - Samarkand) was postponed from 01:25 to 16:10 (December 9);

Departure of flight HY-42 (Samarkand - Tashkent) was postponed from 06:25 to 10:00, arrival in Tashkent at 10:40 (December 9);

Departure of flight HY-95 (Tashkent - Namangan) was postponed from 08:35 to 10:00 (December 9);

The flight commander HY-690 (Kaliningrad - Tashkent), due to insufficient visibility at the Islam Karimov airport in Tashkent, decided to leave for the alternate airport in the city of Navoi.

Preliminary departure time at the destination airport: 10:00.

We apologize to the passengers for the inconvenience caused by bad weather conditions and we hope for your understanding!

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