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09 Nov 2018

Payment for Uzbekistan Airways' air tickets by MasterCard

The existing methods of paying online for the flights of Uzbekistan Airways through the airline's website were supplemented by the option to pay through the MasterCard payment system. Previously, this feature was only available through the UzCard and VISA payment systems. You can purchase the tickets of Uzbekistan Airways via the site In addition, there is an option to pre-select and book the seats in the aircraft cabins of the airline online, which is available on both paid and free basis.  

01 Aug 2019

Holiday gift from Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways fixes special Independence Day fares for all domestic flights - gift to all residents and tourists of the republic. The special reduced fares are available from August 31st to September 3th, 2019 during the celebration of the 28th anniversary of Independence Day of Uzbekistan. Reduced fares: 30 % - for individual passengers; 40 % - for tourist groups (5 or more people), schoolchildren, students of colleges, lyceums and universities, students and listeners of special educational institutions of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education, State Security Service, State Tax Committee, State Customs Committee and other departments; 50 % - for a family (2 or more people, husband and wife; husband, wife and their children to the age of 18; father or mother who follow children up to the age of 18); 50 % - for pensioners and persons with disabilities; 50 % - for participants of the war of 1941-1945 and equated to them, as well as for persons awarded orders and medals for selfless labor and perfect military service in the rear during the Second World War; 50 % - for the participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. You can purchase air tickets at a discount at the central office of ticket sales of Uzbekistan  Airways and at the Uzbekistan airport ticket offices, subject to the provision of documents confirming the right to receive a discount.
23 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways begins to carry out flights within “Hajj-2019” program

From July 24, 2019 Uzbekistan Airways announced the launch of flights within the “Hajj-2019” program. Pilgrims from the cities of Uzbekistan, wishing to make a "big hajj", will be delivered to the city of Medina of Saudi Arabia by comfortable planes Boeing-767 till August 3 of this year. Pilgrims are scheduled to return from Jeddah to their homeland from August 17 to September 1. It should be noted that all conditions for comfortable stay of passengers are created at the airports of the republic and on board of the NAC aircraft. Prayer rooms for prayer are functioning in the air terminals, and a specialized working group assists pilgrims at check-in and customs formalities. They are offered a light breakfast in the departure lounges, and on board the aircraft - high-quality and delicious in-flight meals prepared according to the special menu of the State Unitary Enterprise "Catering".
19 Jul 2019

Tashkent – Tbilisi flight delayed

Flight No. NU 745 operating by Uzbekistan Airways on the route Tashkent – Tbilisi, air route is delayed today, July 19, 2019, in connection with the closure of the runway at the Tbilisi International Airport. At the moment, the delay is two hours and forty minutes. The Uzbekistan Airways plane will fly out of the Tashkent International Airport to Tbilisi after the opening of the runway at the airport of destination.
16 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways starts operating its regular flights to Tbilisi

On July 16, 2019, Uzbekistan Airways launched its regular direct flights to the capital of sunny Georgia, the city of Tbilisi. Georgian Ambassador to Uzbekistan Zurab Abdushelishvili, Head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia Mariam Kvrivishvili, heads of other ministries and departments, experts of the Uzbekistan Airways representative office in Tbilisi, employees of the airport, representatives of local media and the public solemnly greeted passengers at the international airport in Tbilisi. At the meeting, the participants noted that regular flights en route Uzbekistan – Georgia will contribute to strengthen friendly relations and expand cooperation between the two states, including tourist contacts.
16 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways begins operating its flights to Southeast Asia on former air routes

Uzbekistan Airways has halved the flight time on its routes to Southeast Asia due to the opening of Pakistan’s airspace for commercial traffic. Note that after the closure of the airspace over Pakistan, Uzbekistan Airways flew bypassing the territory of this state, and therefore the flight time for its aircraft was increased. For example, if the flight time bypassing the Tashkent – Delhi route was 04:55 h, Delhi – Tashkent – 05:30 h, now this flight arrives from Tashkent to Delhi in 02:50 h., From Delhi international airport (named after Indira Gandhi) to Tashkent International Airport (named after Islam Karimov) the flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Flight time has also decreased on flights on the following air routes: Tashkent – Bangkok – Tashkent, Tashkent – Amritsar – Tashkent, Tashkent – Kuala Lumpur – Tashkent, Tashkent – Jakarta – Tashkent and Tashkent – Mumbai – Tashkent.
19 Jul 2019

«Uzbekistan Airways Technics» has mastered a new complex type of aircraft maintenance

Specialists of Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT) national air company «Uzbekiston Havo Yollari» for the first time performed complex repairs on Boeing 757-200 airliner of "SCAT" airline (Kazakhstan) - a long-term and reliable partner of Tashkent repair company. Since the beginning of this year, UAT has undergone regular maintenance and repair of two Kazakhstani air carrier's aircraft. One of the aircrafts, along with a heavy form of maintenance - C-chek - for the first time together with specialists of Boeing Corporation implemented a project to repair the tail part of the fuselage. This type of repair is considered to be a complex operation, as poor quality repair of the damaged hull may cause later structural destruction of the aircraft during repeated pressure drop cycles. As this type of work has not been carried out by UAT specialists before, the project implementation was divided into two stages. In the first stage, which involved thorough preparation, the necessary documentation and technologies were studied and developed, drawings, special equipment and parts were made and adjusted. In turn, each stage of preliminary works was sent for consideration and agreed with Boeing specialists. During the second stage, a round-the-clock repair facility was set up in the hangar of the repair facility to repair the damage together with representatives of Boeing who arrived in Tashkent. Taking into account the complexity of the repair, UAT and Boeing specialists are unanimous that careful preliminary preparation and coordination of actions, regardless of the scope of work, were positive factors that contributed to the execution of works in the shortest possible time and at the proper level. In the course of the primary defection of the second Boeing 757-200 aircraft by SCAT, numerous corrosion damage to the underground fuselage of the rear luggage compartment was detected. As a result, a decision was made to remove the lower part of the rods on a mass scale using specially manufactured equipment to repair the damage to the tail part of the fuselage of the aircraft. Since the regulation provides for the alternate removal of each unit of the rods only after the completion of the full cycle of repair of the previously removed profiled part and its installation or replacement, these works are lengthy and time-consuming. In order to regulate and check the results during the whole period of works the detailed assessment of reliability by non-destructive control methods was carried out. The great interest of UAT specialists, caused by the development of a new type of repair and a large amount of work on removal of corrosion products, as well as the possibility of continuing cooperation with a long-term and reliable partner, has served as a stimulus and catalyst in the performance of works at a high level, once again confirming not only the capabilities of production facilities of the airline, but also the qualified training of engineering staff.
10 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways to resumes flights from Tashkent to Karshi

From July 24, 2019 Uzbekistan Airways resumes flights on the route Tashkent-Karshi-Tashkent.  Regular flights on the route Tashkent-Karshi-Tashkent will be carried out twice a week, mid-day and Saturday, on comfortable aircrafts according to the following schedule: on Saturdays: HY 77 Tashkent 04:10 - Karshi 05:10 HY 78 Karshi 03:25 - Tashkent 04:25 on Wednesdays (through Navoi): HY 47 Tashkent 07:10 - Navoi 05:10 HY 47 Navoi 08:40 - Karshi 09:30 HY 48 Karshi 10:10 - Tashkent 11:10
09 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways to resume flights from Karshi to Moscow

From July 26, 2019 National airline of Uzbekistan resumes flights on the route Karshi-Moscow (Vnukovo)-Karshi. Regular flights on this route will be operated once a week on Fridays (with transition to Saturday) by A320 aircraft according to the following schedule (TIME  LOCAL): HY 623 Karshi 06:10 - Moscow 08:25 HY 624 Moscow 20:25 - Karshi 02:25
01 Jul 2019

"Uzbekistan Airways" held talks with representatives of Boeing Company

On the eve of the arrival of the fifth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner of the National Airline of Uzbekistan in Seattle, Director General of Uzbekistan Airways Bakhtiyor Khakimov met with the Vice President for Commercial Sales and Marketing  for The Boeing Company Ihssane Mounir, responsible for the sales and marketing of commercial airplanes and related services to airlines and leasing customers around the world. During the meeting the issues of further cooperation were discussed. It should be noted that Uzbekistan Airways and Boeing have been closely cooperating for over 20 years in the supply, operation and maintenance of modern passenger aircraft. The companies jointly manage a shop for repairing composite components of aircraft at Uzbekistan Airways Technics. In February 2019, NAC and Boeing signed another agreement under which the U.S. company will provide more efficient maintenance and support to the fleet of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft of Uzbekistan's national air carrier. Also, the companies signed an agreement on providing Boeing with digital service solutions to improve operational efficiency by providing accurate and reliable air navigation information.
02 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan Airways received the fifth aircraft Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Today, on July 2, 2019, at 18:35, the fifth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner of the National Airline of Uzbekistan landed at the “Tashkent” International Airport named after I.Karimov. The new airliner was greeted in the capital's airport with the participation of the management and employees of the Uzbekistan Airways, representatives of the public and the mass media. The non-stop flight from Seattle to Tashkent of about 12 hours was a success. The new aircraft was piloted by the crew of the National Airline of Uzbekistan: pilot-inspector of the Flight Complex of the NAC Joseph Zak and Boeing 787 commander Malik Akhmedov. Before arriving in Tashkent, the aircraft passed flight and ground tests at the Boeing airfield in Everett. The fifth Dreamliner of the  NAC was received at the manufacturer's plant by  the  Deputy Director General of the NAC Gennady Kharlap, Deputy Directors of aviation enterprise “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” Andrey Margachev and Valeriy Kosov. During the test flights, all the mechanisms of the airliner were checked and the necessary procedures were worked out.   The new aircraft, which received the registration number UK78705, has installed GEnx-1B turbofan jet engines of GE Aviation company, which provide low noise level, minimum CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency. It is the fourth board of the airline to have a satellite communications station for broadband Internet access during the flight. Panasonic Avionics Corporation is a provider of on-board communications and In flight Entertainment and Connectivity, as well as the A320neo of the NAC and previous Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. The new aircraft was also acquired as part of an investment project to upgrade and expand NAC's aircraft fleet with modern aircraft technology to ensure competitiveness and flight safety, and is designed to carry 246 passengers (24 in business class and 222 in economy class). The new aircraft will be used for flights to Frankfurt and Beijing. Spacious saloon, comfortable and wide armchairs, new floor covering, lighting and noise insulation, personal touch screen HD-screens for using entertainment programs, Wi-fi for Internet access, will undoubtedly provide the passengers of  "Uzbekistan Airways" with maximum comfort and exciting pastime in flight. It should be noted that the National Airline of Uzbekistan became the first customer of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in Central Asia. At present, this type of airliner is used for flights to Europe, Asia, America, from Alaska to New Zealand.  In 2020, in accordance with the development plans of Uzbekistan Airways, the fleet will have six airliners of this type and will become the leading operator of such aircraft in the CIS.


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