Business class

      The business class cabin is equipped with comfortable wide seats with leather covering and adjustable foot rest. The quantity of passenger’s seats:

- А-310 - 35 seats;

- А320 - 12 seats;

- В-767 - from 15 to 40 seats;

- B-757 - from 15 to 60 seats;

In B-767 and А-310 the broad aisles are more than half a meter between double blocks of seats.

       Aircrafts B-757 (01, 02, I, H, J):

       - the legroom, or the distance between seats is about 1m;

       - seats backs recline on 19-20 cm.

       - the width of seats between armrests is from 45 to 48 cm.

       Aircrafts B-767 (67003, 67004, 67005, 67006):

  • the legroom, or the distance between seats is 1,50 m;
  • seats backs recline on 10 to 80 degree;
  • the transformation of the passenger seat into lying position;
  • the width of seats between armrests is 60 cm.
  • individual video system

       Aircrafts А320:

  • the legroom, or the distance between seats is 1m.;
  • seats backs recline on 17,8 cm;

      The business class cabins are equipped with individual lamps for reading, personal moving-forward little tables which isn't dependent on the seat back position, a roomy luggage cupboard, 12 audio channels, and there is a system for displaying aircraft location and traffic information on an onboard display element(«air-show») in Boeing aircrafts.

      Passengers are offered iPads for self-entertainment.

      Besides, the business class passengers can use travel kits, warm plaids and pillows irrespective of flight duration.

      The approximate menu of “The Main Course” for the business class passengers:

  • meat snack (includes three kinds of meat products);
  • cheese assortment (includes two types of cheese);
  • fish snack (includes two types of fish);
  • vegetable snack (includes seasonal vegetables);
  • dessert (cakes, fresh fruits, dry fruits);
  • bread and baked goods;
  • spices and flavorings;
  • main course (variety of meat, chicken and fish courses);
  • hot drinks(black and green tea, black and white coffee);
  • juices and soft drinks;
  • alcohol drinks (cognac, vodka, champagne, white or red wine, bear).

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