Strictly following the requirements of Aircraft Manufacturers, Aviation Administration, providing high quality, UAT performs the following activities:

  • all forms of line and base maintenance of aircraft B757/B767, A300- 600 , A310, A318/A319/A320/A321, aircraft IL -114 -100, IL- 76;
  • repair of aircraft - IL-76TD (in the volume of list-151/76R), and conversion of aircraft (IL-76MD into TD) ;
  • replacement of stiffness for the reversal thrust of the chassis on the IL-76TD aircraft ;
  • repair of AI-25 aircraft engines and units;
  • repair of TA-6A , 6B, TA, TA- 8 APU and units;
  • implementation of overhaul reconditioning on the aircraft AN -2P (SR, T) in the amount of inventory AN 2/1-97 ;
  • the replacement of engines and APU ofB757/B767, A300- 600, A310, A318/A319/A320/A321aircraft;
  • repair of units of IL- 76TD, AN- 2 aircraft loose;
  • replacement of the chassis on V757/B767 , A320 aircraft;
  • the replacement of seals strut units of chassis on V757/B767 aircraft;
  • implementation of the removal/installation of the pylons on the engines B757/B767, A32 aircraft;
  • implementation of procedures for troubleshooting Trouble Shooting, the resolution of identified defects;
  • repair of aircraft airframe and articles made of composite materials;
  • repair of tanks, caissons, including replacement of the wiring inside the fuel tanks;
  • performance of inspection of the aircraft and its components, non-destructive testing (NDT);
  • performance of service bulletins to upgrade avionics and navigation equipment on B757/B767, A300-600, A310, A318/A319/A320/A321 aircraft;
  • modification of the systems and airframe on B757/B767, A300- 600, A310, A318/A319/A320/A321 aircraft in accordance with the requirements of airworthiness directives and service bulletins;
  • weighing B757/B767, A300- 600 , A310, A318/A319/A320/A321, IL -76 aircraft with drawing Aircraft Weighing Record;
  • performance of life extension and terms of service, technical evaluation of aircraft, components be the programs of experimental design office;
  • performance of the Bulletin number 76 -2130-BE-B of aircraft IL- 76 TD;
  • performance of improvements of IL- 76TD aircraft by bulletins;
  • perform life extension and service life of aircraft engine of AI-25, APU TA-6A (B), TA- 8;
  • maintenance and repair aircraft components:
  • maintenance and repair of wheels, carbon and steel brakes manufactured by Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, BFGoodrich, Honeywell, Dunlop for B757/B767, A300- 600 , A310, A318/A319/A320/A321aircrafts;
  • maintenance and repair of emergency equipment: ladders, ladder-rafts and tanks boost of ramp-rafts, life jackets manufactured by Eastern Aero Marine, Air Cruisers, Goodrich, Switlik Parachute, Hoover Industries;
  • maintenance and repair of batteries SAFT, VARTA, HAWKER GmbH;
  • repair of passenger seats by Weber Aircraft and B/ E Aerospace, SICMA Aero Seat, Flying Service;
  • maintenance and repair of coffee makers, ovens manufactured by B/E Aerospace, SELL;
  • maintenance of batteries for emergency lighting manufactured by Diehl, Grims Aerospace, Radiant Power Corp., Selector panels, PCU, smoke detectors and temperature sensors SLE;
  • repair/upgrade of equipment in the soft equipment of the aircraft (carpet, chairs covers, curtains of salons, drapes, etc.);
  • repair of windows A310 aircraft passenger cabins.
  • exterior and interior cleaning of all types of aircraft;
  • interior and exterior painting of all types of aircraft with advanced complete removal of the old paintwork;
  • the application of anti-corrosion, rust removal work;
  • recycling and disposal of equipment containing precious metals;
  • metrology and measuring system calibration;
  • combustive lubricating materials analysis;
  • manufacturing of made-to-order instruments, equipment and devices;
  • after-sales servicing and repairing of APROJET earth-based power supply by PILLER (Germany).

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