Registration in the Program “UzAirPlus”.

For participation in the Program it is necessary to be registered, receive number of the personal account and to fill the introductory application. Application filling confirms the consent with Program conditions. On the basis of application the temporary Personal account with identification number is opened for the Participant of the Program “UzAirPlus”, on which the data about flights of the Participant are accrued, as well as the PIN-code for independent tracing of account condition via Internet web-site is given.

Only the Participants submitted all necessary personal and contact data, including name, surname and date of birth, according to valid passport, are entitled to accrue points and to use points accrued on the Personal account for getting awards. The aircompany has the right to require confirmation of correctness of the given personal and contact data from the Participant.

Information on the account is accessible on-line on the aircompany’s web-site. For access to the Personal account it is necessary to specify number of card (account) and own PIN-code in section «Personal office».


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